English, like many other languages, makes great use of many words.  For me, words like these make life … well… more fun.  However, if you are trying to learn a language, even just for simple conversation, these words can complicate the learning process.  When attempting a translation, if the person is not a native speaker, this type of word can be the cause of some crazy sounding statements. Words like “Run” have over 400 separate meanings!

I’m running on fumes as I ponder this “Run”,
So, I’m running a search to make this much more fun.
Perhaps if I run to the store for a beer,
while I just let the search run;
I might run into a friend that lives near,
or while on my bike, run down a nun.
The meaning of run is a queer enough issue,
as my nose is running, I now need a tissue.
If I run down a lead, or make a beer run,
there seems to be no end in sight.
The meaning of run, is like four hundred and one
and causing a translation plight.
If I run a machine, or if I run a store
Can I run out of time while thinking of more?
But to run a fever or run a red light,
Is as common as running the dishes at night.
If I run a race, to get out of this place,
will I even now make a dent,
on this fabulous three letter word I love,
Shall I now run for president?
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