Civil, Criminal, Immigration, Family

Our Experience

Since 1999 our work with the North Carolina courts has brought us to many hearings, trials, depositions and translations of documents, as well as evidentiary materials. We learned early, that our words written and spoken can be far-reaching and decisive. We have also translated documents for immigration proceedings, asylum requests, Prisoner Legal Services, the North Carolina Industrial Commission. (Workmen’s Compensation)

Civil and Family attorneys in Latin America request Spanish to English translation of pleadings such as Divorce decrees, Child Custody decisions, Criminal and Civil judgments, Immigration documents including birth, death and marriage certificates along with private essays. We provide certified translations from English to Spanish as well.

We use:

  • state-of-the-art terminology bases
  • Computer aided translation (Trados Studio 2021 and WordFast Pro)
  • Native speakers, and
  • extensive reference materials

to get your translation done in text and in presentation like the original.

Trust our all-professional staff with your documents, and with your privacy as we follow ISO standards and ASTM F2575 standards with your translations.