Our world covers three cultures, as we’re considered third-culture kids. We find pure joy in taking words from Spanish and English, flipping, expanding, brightening, beautifying and musing through them to get the greatest flavor possible.   (Traduzca esta página.)

From Miguel de Cervantes to Isabel Allende, and many more Spanish speaking authors , from Latin America and Spain, they prove that Spanish language literature is as rich and colorful as its people. From William Shakespeare to Toni Morrison, and other great British and American writers, we are persuaded that the conveyance of their ideas, old and new, can become portable magic.  This occurs when the actual substance and significance is communicated and transferred, including the delicate nuances.

Like Emily Dickinson, we know nothing in the world has as much power as a word! In English as well as Spanish, choosing the perfect words can make any paper unforgettably scintillating.