Poetry and other deliciousness…

I am lustful, my skin is dark, the symbol of passion am I.  My longing for pleasures has made its mark. Are you looking for me? No, not for you.

My skin’s alabaster, my hair lustrous gold, of tenderness I hold a treasure. I offer you gifts and joys untold, are you calling for me? No, no, not you.

I am a dream, and impossible, a vain apparition, a nebulous hue. I’m ethereal and intangible, and I cannot love you.      –Oh come, –you come!  (Translation from Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer’s “Yo soy Ardiente, Yo soy Morena“, by Susana)

The most passionate people in the world share their passion through their actions and their words.  These are the entrepreneurs that change the world with their innovations.  These are the actors we worship, the cashier we gravitate toward, the kid in our class we used to get out of bed to see every day in high school.  They use their words, their expressions, usually with a smile, to make us feel seen, important, understood. The human ability to communicate these feelings is ubiquitous, we all learn to speak and share our feelings before we can even put our shoes on. Let us excite! Let us write! Let us energize, with our speech! Let us soothe, inspire, comfort or challenge.  Let us do something with our words, before we allow one more evanescent justification to rob us of the chance. S


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