Let us communicate…

People say the art of communication is the language of leadership. “El arte de la comunicación es la lengua del liderazgo.”  And the art of reading between the lines is a life long quest of the wise.   Y el arte de extraer lo que no dicen las palabras, es una aventura de toda la vida para los sabios.

Transaspan exists because of a motivation to enhance communication between the English speaking world and the Spanish speaking world.  As the globe becomes ever smaller and more interconnected, the possibility for mutual growth between these worlds seem endless. Make your mark on the Spanish speaking world with us.

Transaspan existe a causa de una motivación para aumentar la comunicación entre el mundo de angloparlantes y el mundo de hispanoparlantes. Así como el mundo se va achicando, y se vuelve mas interconectado, las posibilidades para crecimiento mutuo parecen infinitos.  Consiga destacarse en el mundo de habla inglesa con nosotros.

Published by transaspan

I am a word nut! Playing with words is how I have a good time! Using them for the benefit of others is how I make my living, so I literally get paid to have a good time!

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