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Words are one of the most complex and powerful resources we as humans have at our disposal…People who are normally shrewd will be persuaded by banal advertising copy; those who are normally politically inert, or pacifist can be mobilized to die for a slogan” (1988)

Geoffrey Hughes

What Our Clients Say

Review for Susana Wickerham

Once in a while you meet a person so able and professional that you just can’t help to esteem and respect.

Susana, I can’t say it enough: you have been a joy and a pleasure to work with.

J.F., Florida Courts 20th Judicial Circuit.


Review for Susana Wickerham

I’ve known Susana since August, 1999.  She has been a Spanish interpreter for District and Superior court in our district…she became the first Certified Spanish Interpreter in our district in March 2001, a very difficult process and difficult to attain… she is an asset to our distrct. She is dependable, courteous and knowledgeable of her profession.

Chief District Court Judge, A. C. Jr.

Review for Maite Lamberri

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Maite Lamberri as a Spanish translator for your upcoming projects. I have had the privilege of working with Maite in my role as a Translator for Second Language Testing, Inc. since September 2018. During this time she has taken on several projects, including the translation and translation review of Math, Language Arts, and Science test items for large, high-stakes summative assessments. She has also shown great expertise in language proficiency assessment through her role as a Table Leader in the yearly evaluation of the Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture Exam.

R.L. – Associate Professor,
Defense Language InstitutePresidio of Monterey, California

Review for Yanina Criolani

Yanina has translated a wide variety of documents and articles, and she has shown particular adeptness at working with colloquial expressions as well as “out of the ordinary” expressions in English. While she is meticulous in insisting on exact meanings for words she also understands that words are, at best, symbols for expression. Thus, she is capable of more than literal transposing from English.

S.P., UNC Hospitals

Review for Yanina Criolani

Yanina worked with me on a relatively large medical translation and received amazing feedback on the work that she provided.

A. S., Translate Media

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    Susana Wickerham

    Professional Translator and Interpreter

    Native English speaker

    Susana Wickerham is a Cuban/American with over 20 years experience working in translation/interpretation in legal settings with the NC and FL Administrative Offices of the Courts, healthcare providers, workmen’s compensation, Christian churches and songwriters translation. She was raised and schooled in the US. She is dedicated to getting it right the first time every time.

    Maite Lamberri

    Master Translator

    Native Spanish speaker

    Maite Lamberri is a Spanish/American and has been dedicated to the English and Spanish languages well before her arrival in the US over 15 years ago. She has taught Spanish as a heritage language for almost 20 years and has been a language professional /translator  and teacher for even longer. We love what we do, language is our love!

    Yanina Criolani

    Master Translator

    Native Spanish speaker

    Yanina Criolani is an Argentine American living in the US. She is a PhD candidate in translation and specializes in the translation of pharmaceuticals, clinical investigation, education and marketing. We all work together to proofread, edit, localize and make sure your translation is as near perfect as humanly possible!